In Vivo Lentivirus-based Macrophage Reprogramming Services

The Importance of Macrophages

Macrophages are characterized by their phagocytic activity, antigen presentation abilities, and phenotypic flexibility, all of which are key features that contribute to their important role in innate immunity. Due to their widespread presence in the body, macrophages serve as a promising target for therapeutic interventions in the treatment of various disorders. Nowadays, more and more attention focuses on the genetic programming of macrophages, which brings light to the treatment of intractable diseases and the improvement of life quality.

Fig.1 TAMs' roles in tumor progression. (Pan, et al., 2020)Fig.1 A schematic representation of the roles of tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) in tumor progression.1

Lentivirus-based Modification: Inclusive! Steady! Safe!

Our In Vivo Lentivirus-based Macrophage Reprogramming Services

As a pioneer in the tumor-immunity field, Creative Biolabs integrates lentivirus-based cell modification with macrophage reprogramming and successfully developed a series of in vivo lentivirus-based macrophage reprogramming services to assist the application of macrophage for disease treatment. We utilize the lentivirus vectors to deliver the desired gene into the macrophage for in vivo engineering purposes. Lentivirus-engineered macrophages not only enhance their activities but also maintain therapeutic gene expression for a prolonged duration. Throughout the process, we provide comprehensive customized services from lentivirus production to results visualization to meet global customers' diverse needs.

Term of different diseases and targets, we provide several related services and diverse target genes that can be chosen from for your projects:

Service Targets
In Vivo Lentivirus-based Macrophage Reprogramming Service for Cancer IFN-α; CSF1; PTX3; IL-1; LILRB1; MRC1; PD-1 TREM2; PSGL1
In Vivo Lentivirus-based Macrophage Reprogramming Service for Neurol-disease BDNF; ApoAI; STAT1; STAT6; VEGF; NF-κB; M-CSFR; ADAM8
In Vivo Lentivirus-based Macrophage Reprogramming Service for Inflammation IL-12; IL-6; MCP-1; TNF-α; IL-10; TGF-β; IL-1β

Importantly, we also provide a lentivirus production service featuring strict quality control to deliver high-quality lentivirus productions for global customers.

Fig.3 Virus production quality control. (Creative Biolabs Original)

Benefits of Our In Vivo Lentivirus-based Macrophage Reprogramming Services

Fig.4 Benefits. (Creative Biolabs Original)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How about the lentivirus vector compared to another virus vector?

A1: The lentivirus may infect many different types of cells, including both dividing and non-dividing cells. It is particularly effective in infecting cells that are difficult to transfect, such as undifferentiated cells. Additionally, lentivirus is effective in cells that have a robust immune response against adenovirus infection. Lentivirus is capable of efficiently integrating foreign genes into the host chromosome and facilitating long-term and stable expression of the desired gene. Furthermore, lentivirus can be utilized not only in in vitro experiments but also in vivo animal models, particularly in animal tumorigenesis experiments.

Q2: What are the distinctions between in vivo and ex vivo cell therapy?

A2: Both in vivo and ex vivo approaches are often used for performing gene therapy. Compared to ex vivo cell treatment, the in vivo approach is superior in terms of accuracy and efficacy.

Work with Creative Biolabs

Fig.5 Contact flowchart. (Creative Biolabs Original)

As a pioneer in the field, Creative Biolabs is committed to innovating technologies to aid in the development of disease treatment and improve human life quality. Here we provide an inquiry mode for your convenience to contact us. We are glad to receive your inquiry to know more about in vivo lentivirus-based macrophage reprogramming services.


  1. Pan, Yueyun, et al. "Tumor-associated macrophages in tumor immunity." Frontiers in Immunology 11 (2020): 583084.
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