Tissue-specific Macrophage Blocking Services

Why Do Tissue-Specific Macrophage Blocking?

Tissue-specific macrophage blocking refers to the selective inhibition or depletion of macrophages within a specific tissue or organ. This approach is often used in research settings to investigate the role of macrophages in various physiological and pathological conditions.

Fig.1 Macrophages in different tissues. (Skuratovskaia, 2020) Fig.1 Distribution of macrophages in different tissues.1

Tissue-specific macrophage blocking is often used to:

To assess the effects of macrophages on local immunomodulation, inflammation, tissue repair, and other physiological processes by selectively inhibiting macrophage function in specific tissues.

By targeting macrophages in relevant tissues, it is possible to mimic the pathological features of the disease characterized by aberrant macrophage activation or infiltration.

Blocking macrophages in disease-relevant tissues can help identify novel therapeutic targets for the treatment of immune-mediated disorders or tissue-specific pathologies.

Targeted inhibition of macrophages in inflamed or diseased tissues could alleviate local inflammation, tissue damage, or autoimmune responses.

By blocking macrophages in a tissue-specific manner, it is possible to elucidate the unique role of macrophages in tissue-specific immunity, host defense, and immune regulation.

Our Tissue-specific Macrophage Blocking Service

Creative Biolabs offers several methods for achieving tissue-specific macrophage blocking:

CCR2 Knockout-based Tissue-specific Macrophage Blocking Service

The interaction between CCR2 and macrophages plays a crucial role in orchestrating the immune response to infection, inflammation, and tissue damage. Dysfunction in this interaction can contribute to various inflammatory diseases and conditions. Creative Biolabs is committed to building a comprehensive one-stop macrophage blockade service platform, and we provide a variety of CCR2 knockout-based services. If you are interested, you can click here for more information.
CCL2 Knockout-based Tissue-specific Macrophage Blocking Service

Creative Biolabs offers assistance or expertise to create transgenic animals with tissue-specific knockout of CCL2. Our aim is to help researchers study the role of macrophages in specific tissues or disease models, blocking macrophage recruitment or function through the lack of CCL2. If you are interested, you can click here for more information.
CCR2 Selective Antagonists-based Tissue-specific Macrophage Blocking Service

CCR2 selective antagonists can modulate macrophage responses by inhibiting their recruitment and activation, thereby impacting the overall inflammatory environment. Creative Biolabs is committed to providing customers with one-stop macrophage blocking services, from the establishment of relevant animal models, cell culture and differentiation, in vitro and in vivo functional validation, to the molecular structure of antagonists, to create a comprehensive solution for you. If you are interested, you can click here for more information.
Monocyte Depletion-based Tissue-specific Macrophage Blocking Service

Understanding the consequences of monocyte depletion on macrophage biology is essential for elucidating the roles of these cells in health and disease and for developing therapeutic strategies targeting macrophage-mediated pathologies. Creative Biolabs offers a range of tissue-specific macrophage-based blocking services based on monocyte depletion to accelerate your scientific research. If you are interested, you can click here for more information.

These methods can be combined or customized to specific research questions and experimental requirements to achieve tissue-specific macrophage blockade in a variety of biological and disease contexts.

Our Advantages

Fig.2 Our advantages. (Creative Biolabs Original)

Tissue-specific macrophage blocking is a valuable experimental tool to dissect the contribution of macrophages to tissue biology, disease pathology, and treatment response. By selectively modulating macrophage function in specific tissues, new insights can be found into the complex interactions between immune cells, the tissue microenvironment, and disease processes. Based on the expertise and experience of our scientists, Creative Biolabs is happy to help you solve your problems in tissue-specific macrophage-blocking research, and you can trust us with your project. Here is more information about Tissue-specific Macrophage Development Services, and if you need them, you can contact us now.


  1. Skuratovskaia, Daria.; et al. "Tissue-specific role of macrophages in noninfectious inflammatory disorders." Biomedicines. (2020) 8,10 400.
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