Macrophage-Fibroblast Interaction Analysis Service

Macrophages and fibroblasts have a direct communication system that influences the tissue microenvironment and can impact disease outcomes. This communication acts as a symbiotic relationship between the two cell types, relying on a two-cell circuit that allows for reciprocal interactions and sustenance within tissues. However, in certain cases of tumor development (i.e. colorectal cancer), the interplay between macrophages and fibroblasts can accelerate the progression of the tumor, leading to poorer prognosis for patients. Therefore, it is crucial to comprehensively analyze the interaction between macrophages and fibroblasts. Based on our macrophage therapeutic development platforms, Creative Biolabs delivers an integrated macrophage-fibroblast interaction analysis service to help global customers rapidly and reproducibly achieve challenging projects.

Fig.1 The activation of fibroblasts. (Ireland and Ainhoa, 2018)Fig.1 The activation of fibroblasts.1

Macrophage-Fibroblast Interaction Analysis Service at Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs offers a specialized service for analyzing the interaction between macrophages and fibroblasts, which involves various laboratory tasks such as cell and tissue culture, imaging, and complex cell-based assays. This comprehensive gene-to-protein service is specifically designed to satisfy customers' cell biology research needs.

Specifically, we provide various cell-based assays including cell migration analysis, cell invasion analysis, immunostaining analysis, immunofluorescence analysis, etc., to characterize cells' phenotype changes under macrophage-fibroblast interaction circumstances. Moreover, we also deliver advanced single-cell sequencing technologies to serve for macrophage-fibroblast interaction gene expression analysis and mechanism investigation. In addition, we collaborate closely with our customers in an all-encompassing manner to meet their analytical demands, span structural biology, molecular model development, enzymology, and many more. At Creative Biolabs, we typically deliver high-quality project-related data in a timely manner.

Fig.2 Workflow of our macrophage-fibroblast interaction analysis service. (Creative Biolabs Original)Fig.2 Workflow of our macrophage-fibroblast interaction analysis service.

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As a leader in macrophage interaction analysis, Creative Biolabs is wealthy in project experience and expertise. If you are looking for a higher-quality and more comprehensive macrophage-fibroblast interaction analysis service, please feel free to contact us.


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