Phenotype Difference Analysis Service by Flow Cytometry

The Importance of Phenotype Difference Analysis Among Macrophages

Macrophages are innate immune cells that are functionally influenced by their surroundings. Many pathological processes rely on diverse macrophage populations, which vary greatly in shape, metabolism, expressed markers, and activities. Considering this, precise identification, counting, and phenotypic characterization of macrophage populations and phenotypes are necessary for understanding their pathophysiological roles and modeling the immune response involving macrophages. Creative Biolabs provides not only professional technologies for identifying the differences in macrophage phenotype but also a solid professional basis and project expertise.

Fig.1 The difference between M1 and M2 macrophages. (Yao, et al., 2019)Fig.1 The difference between M1 and M2 macrophages.1

Our Phenotype Difference Analysis Service by Flow Cytometry

Creative Biolabs has succeeded in providing a highly efficient and accurate phenotype difference analysis service by flow cytometry to serve as a useful tool to characterize macrophage phenotypes. We provide multiple types of cytometry to fulfill customers' diverse needs. At the same time, we also deliver a wide range of fluorochromes and several target molecules to design for your significant macrophage projects. In addition, we are confident in customizing the appropriate solutions if you have any other demands. At Creative Biolabs, we will try our best to deliver the best outcomes for every customer at a short turnaround.

As the core technology of our phenotype difference analysis service, we have already established a well-equipped flow cytometry platform, which is highly sensitive, high-throughput, and robust. The following are several types of well-developed cytometry that can be chosen for your projects:

  • Multicolor Conventional Flow Cytometry.
  • Spectral Flow Cytometry.
  • Mass Cytometry.
  • Multicolor Flow Cytometry.

Fluorochromes are the building blocks of signal detection for the flow cytometry technologies. Here we supply several fluorochromes to choose from for your distinctive demands:

  • Organic Small Molecules: fluorescein; cyanine dyes.
  • Natural Macromolecules: phycoerythrin (PE); allophycocyanin (APC); peridinin-chlorophyll-protein complex (PerCP).
  • Inorganic Quantum Dots (qDots).
  • Tunable Small Molecules: AlexaFluor; DyLight families.
  • Fluorescent Polymers.

Popular Target Molecules

Additionally, we also provide several well-identified marker molecules on macrophages for your convenience:

Fig.2 Popular target molecules. (Creative Biolabs Original)Fig.2 Popular target molecules.


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  1. Yao, Yongli, et al. "Macrophage polarization in physiological and pathological pregnancy." Frontiers in Immunology 10 (2019): 792.
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