Tissue-specific Macrophage Depletion Service

Macrophages are key immune cells essential for maintaining tissue balance and regulating immune responses by presenting antigens, engulfing debris, and releasing cytokines. Macrophages are essential in both innate and adaptive immunity, contributing to the defense against pathogens and the resolution of inflammation. However, aberrant macrophage activation leads to autoimmune diseases, metabolic disorders, and cancer progression. Based on our robust macrophage therapeutic platform, Creative Biolabs globally provides an innovative tissue-specific macrophage depletion service to investigate these macrophages' mechanism of action. By depleting macrophages in a controlled manner, researchers can better understand the role of these cells in various diseases and develop targeted therapies to modulate their function.

Tissue-specific Macrophage Depletion Service at Creative Biolabs

Our tissue-specific macrophage depletion service involves utilizing clodronate liposomes to effectively target and deplete macrophages in a specific tissue. The clodronate, enclosed in the liposomes, is ingested by macrophages and released gradually, leading to their destruction and induction of apoptosis. This method provides an efficient and economically viable way to achieve targeted depletion of tissue-specific macrophages.

In addition, we also have the ability to construct animal models of tissue-specific macrophage depletion such as the macrophage depletion mouse model. Macrophage markers differ between tissues, our marker development service supplies global customers with a numberer of specific markers to identify tissue-specific macrophages, conveniently depleting them. At Creative Biolabs, we are committed to delivering customized solutions to meet global customers' multiple applications and requirements.

Fig.1 Macrophages-targeted therapies Development. (Cotechini, Aline & c Arielle, 2021)Fig.1 Development of novel therapies focusing on macrophages and their pro-tumoral characteristics.1

Available Tissue-specific Macrophage Markers at Creative Biolabs

Our service delivers various tissue-specific macrophage markers that help customers choose from the appropriate marker to examine the depletion levels at the corresponding tissue.

Tab.1 Several tissue-specific macrophage markers.

TISSUE Adipose Liver Pulmonary alveoli Lung Bone-marrow Gastrointestinal
MACROPHAGE Adipose macrophage Kupffer macrophage Alveolar macrophages Alveolar pulmonary interstitial macrophages Bone marrow macrophages Intestinal macrophages
MARKER CD45+; F4/80+; PPARg+ B7-1/CD80low/-; CD11b/Integrin aMlow; CD68/SR-D1+; F4/80high; Galectin3/Mac-2+; PPARd+; Siglec-1/CD169+ CD11b/Integrin aMlow; CD11chigh; CD68/SRD1+; CD200 R1+; DEC205/CD205int; Dwctin1+; F4/80low; Galectin3/Mac-2+; MARCO+; MHC class IIlow; MMR/CD206high; PPARg+; Siglec-Fhigh CD11b/Integrin aMint; CD11c; CD68/SR-D1+; CD200 R1+/-; F4/80+; MHC class II+/-; SiglecF- CD169+; ER-HR3+; F4/80+; TRAP-; VCAM1/CD106+ CD11b/Integrin aMint; CD11clow/int; CX3CR1high; F4/80+; Fcg RI/CD64MHC Class IIhigh

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Q: How about animal models of tissue-specific macrophage depletion?

A: Extensive research and development have been dedicated to creating genetic models for macrophage depletion in mice over the past two decades. These models have significantly contributed to understanding the specific roles of tissue-resident macrophages in various physiological and pathological settings. Nonetheless, establishing animal models for macrophage depletion is costly and time-consuming. Therefore, Clodronate Liposomes have emerged as a mature, practical, and cost-effective option for efficiently depleting macrophages.

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  1. Cotechini, Tiziana, Aline Atallah, and Arielle Grossman. "Tissue-resident and recruited macrophages in primary tumor and metastatic microenvironments: potential targets in cancer therapy." Cells 10.4 (2021): 960.
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