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As a leading service provider in the field of antibody discovery and immunotherapy development, Creative Biolabs now presents one-stop development services for CAR-T therapy, which has become a more promising approach among cancer therapies. We offer macrophage polarization assay used to improve the antitumor immunity via promoting inflammation during the one-stop service for further downstream research.


Macrophages belong to a heterogeneous population of innate myeloid cells involved in disease and health. They are the most functional diverse cells of the hematopoietic system. Macrophages exert multiple functions in humans, including responding to pathogens and modulating the adaptive immune response, induction and resolution of inflammation, tissue repair, and homeostasis. Macrophages own appealing plasticity characteristics. Therefore, in response to different stimuli, different populations of macrophages with various physiological and pathological roles can be developed. Creative Biolabs offers the macrophage polarization assay to induce different macrophage subsets.

Macrophage polarization. Fig.1 Macrophage polarization. (Zanluqui, 2015)

Assay of Macrophage Polarization

Macrophages reveal specific phenotypes and functions in response to different triggers. In the macrophage polarization assay, we provide specific stimuli co-cultured with isolated bone marrow-derived or peritoneal macrophages to generate different polarized macrophage subsets. Depending on the types of stimuli that macrophages are exposed to, they are able to polarize to M1 (pro-inflammatory) or M2 (anti-inflammatory) macrophages (see Fig.1). Based on the stimuli and the achieved transcriptional changes, the M2 macrophages can be classified into four subdivisions - M2a, M2b, M2c, and M2d. In this assay, except for different macrophage polarization by adding certain stimuli, we also provide support for our clients with verification of each polarized macrophage-based on the distinctly expressed surface markers and/or produced cytokines. Here we list the different stimuli used to trigger different macrophage populations.

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With years of extensive experience in the field of immunotherapy, Creative Biolabs has won a good reputation and established a perfect platform to facilitate a wide range of projects for numerous clients. We are committed to offering the most efficient assay to our clients to best maximize the success of their projects. For more information, please feel free to contact us and further discuss with our scientists.


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