Macrophage-Antigen Interaction Analysis Service

Macrophages perform dual but critical functions in host protection and tissue damage, which are meticulously held in equilibrium. As pivotal effector cells in the immune system, these macrophages have the capacity to phagocytose antigens and subsequently secrete inflammatory mediators. Following this, they transform these antigens into peptides capable of binding to MHC-II molecules, exhibiting potent immunogenicity, and hence are presented to T-helper cells. Despite numerous findings on antigen presentation by macrophages, the precise mechanism concerning the relationship between macrophages and antigens remains somewhat obscure. Based on our well-developed macrophage development platform, Creative Biolabs' extensive knowledge of macrophage interactions and project experience allows for a comprehensive exploration of macrophage and antigen interactions.

Fig.1 Various functions of CD169+ macrophages. (Grabowska, et al., 2018)Fig.1 Various functions of CD169+ macrophages.1

Macrophage-Antigen Interaction Analysis Service at Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs' macrophage-antigen interaction analysis service is a reliable and supportive analytic tool to thoroughly understand the interaction mechanism among macrophages and antigens. We provide interaction analysis for different macrophages and various antigens. With our service, customers not only have the potential to analyze the binding ability between the two under variation antigen concentration but also analyze the effect of external factors on the interaction, laying the rationale for related therapeutic development.

Moreover, we also have the ability to analyze the effect of macrophage-antigen interaction on lymphocytes and screen the effective compounds that regulate this interaction. Importantly, our seasoned scientists are willing to help our customers design and optimize the schemes in accordance with your specific demands. We encourage each of you to inquire and place your valuable orders.

Fig.2 Workflow of our macrophage-antigen interaction analysis service. (Creative Biolabs Original)Fig.2 Workflow of our macrophage-antigen interaction analysis service.

Types of Antigens at Creative Biolabs

Our service is capable of analyzing the interaction between macrophages with various antigens, including but not limited to the following:

Microorganisms Polypeptide antigen
Cell/cell debris Oligosaccharide antigen
Protein antigen Nucleic acid antigen
Polysaccharide antigen Small molecule chemical antigen

Macrophage Cells Available at Creative Biolabs

Our extensive experience in cell biology makes our service appropriate for both primary macrophage cells and macrophage cell lines:


Frequently Asked Question

Q1: What sort of cells can be targeted in a phagocytosis analysis?

A1: Various cell types can be employed in the phagocytosis assay. The selection of a target cell will influence the positive controls, with each cell type potentially requiring its unique set of parameters for optimal percentage uptake and kinetics.

As a leading company in macrophage interaction analysis, Creative Biolabs constantly provides top-ranking services to aid global customers' projects successful. If you want to know more about our cost-effective macrophage-antigen interaction analysis service, please contact us with your challenging projects.


  1. Grabowska, Joanna, et al. "CD169+ macrophages capture and dendritic cells instruct: The interplay of the gatekeeper and the general of the immune system." Frontiers in Immunology 9 (2018): 2472.
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