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Adipose tissue has the ability to secrete different cytokines that can draw in numerous macrophages. These macrophages in turn release a variety of inflammatory substances that affect adipocytes. The ongoing, interactive exchange between these two triggers long-term inflammation. In the occurrence of obesity, diabetes, and other metabolic diseases, the disorder of the interaction between macrophages and adipocytes is a key causative factor, and M1 macrophages contribute mostly to the increase in obesity. However, how macrophages and adipocytes interact and maintain metabolic homeostasis has not been characterized. Creative Biolabs offers a reliable, integrated service to thoroughly analyze the interaction between macrophages and adipocytes. We are committed to serving as an efficient tool for therapeutic development focusing on their interaction.

Fig.1 Macrophages interplay with adipocytes in obesity. (Cai, Yijie & Ben, 2022)Fig.1 Macrophages interplay with adipocytes in obesity.1

Macrophage-Adipocyte Interaction Analysis Service at Creative Biolabs

At Creative Biolabs, we integrate solid basic knowledge, years of project experience, and state of art technologies to globally provide a cost-effective macrophage-adipocyte interaction analysis service. To effectively achieve customers' meaningful projects, we deliver a wide range of analysis technologies to analyze the general and specific characteristics of the interaction. Particularly, we also provide a custom solution service to satisfy customers' diverse demands. Based on our robust macrophage development platform, we are confident in presenting a comprehensive analysis service from gene to phenotype. Throughout the process, we will track and record the whole analysis process to ensure that every data submitted to you is traceable.

Fig.2 Workflow of our macrophage-adipocyte interaction analysis service. (Creative Biolabs Original)Fig.2 Workflow of our macrophage-adipocyte interaction analysis service.

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The research explored the role of adipose tissue in uremic inflammation in vitro, in vivo, and in human samples. The results suggest that when adipocytes were co-cultured with macrophages stimulated by uremic serum, their inflammatory cytokine expression was significantly increased compared to when they were merely exposed to uremic serum. This indicates that there exists an enhancing interaction between uremia-primed macrophages and adipocytes.

Fig.3 The inflammatory cytokines expression of adipocytes exposed to uremic macrophages. (Martos-Rus, et al., 2021)Fig.3 The inflammatory cytokines expression of adipocytes exposed to uremic macrophages.2

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