THP-1-based Macrophage Model Development Service

THP-1 cells are used to study various aspects of monocyte/macrophage biology, immunology, and disease pathology. Creative Biolabs has established a THP-1-based macrophage model service to provide a versatile and accessible platform for macrophage biology research.

THP-1 Cells

As a commonly used human monocyte cell line, THP-1 cells are derived from the peripheral blood of men with acute monocytic leukemia. These cells have been extensively studied and are widely employed as an in vitro model to investigate various aspects of monocyte/macrophage biology, immunology, and disease processes.

THP-1-based Macrophage Model Development Service at Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs creates THP-1 macrophage models by differentiating THP-1 cells into macrophage-like cells based on a one-stop solution related to macrophage therapy. In addition, we evaluate their behavior and function in vitro based on your research needs.

Creative Biolabs offers phagocytosis assays to assess the phagocytic capacity of differentiated THP-1 macrophages, cytokine production assays, cell-pathogen interactions, drug screening, and immunomodulation to assess cell viability, cytokine production, or other functions.

In addition to THP-1 macrophage models, Creative Biolabs also provides appropriate statistical methods to help you analyze experimental data to compare different experimental conditions, treatments, or time points.

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THP-1 monocytes are differentiated into macrophages
Fig.1 Immunofluorescence of macrophages. (Genin, M et al., 2015)
Fig.1 THP-1 monocytes differentiation into macrophages.1
Human THP-1 monocytes are incubated to differentiate into macrophages in the presence of PMA. Analyze by immunofluorescence staining to confirm the differentiation of monocytes to macrophages. In addition, the expression of CD14 decreases with macrophage differentiation, which also confirms differentiation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why choose the THP-1 macrophage model?

A1: Here are some key features of THP-1 cells:

In conclusion, THP-1-based macrophage models provide a convenient, reliable, and versatile platform for the study of various aspects of macrophage biology, immunology, and disease pathology in vitro, making them valuable tools for basic research, drug discovery, and preclinical research. If your research project requires a THP-1-based macrophage model, please contact us. Our expertise will ensure that your project runs smoothly.


  1. Genin, M.; et al. "M1 and M2 macrophages derived from THP-1 cells differentially modulate the response of cancer cells to etoposide." BMC Cancer. (2015) 15, 577.
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