Creative Biolabs is an expert in macrophage research and we offer a comprehensive platform of macrophage-related services. Here, we briefly summarize macrophage-related experimental protocols. You can find relevant protocols by clicking on the items below.

Macrophage Culture

Macrophage Culture

Macrophage culture is the process of culturing and maintaining macrophages in a laboratory setting. Culturing macrophages allows researchers to study their function, behavior, and response to various stimuli.

Here are some protocols to help you with your macrophage culture experiments.

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Macrophage Culture

Isolation and Identification of Macrophages

Isolation and identification of macrophages involves the use of specific markers to isolate macrophages from tissue or blood samples, followed by further characterization using techniques such as flow cytometry or immunofluorescence staining.

Here are some protocols to help you with your macrophage isolation and identificationexperiments.

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