Macrophage Model Development Services

Macrophages play a crucial role in the immune system, functioning as key players in the body's defense against pathogens and tissue repair processes. Creative Biolabs has developed different types of macrophage models to provide a one-stop solution for a wide range of studies, including immune response, drug development, and disease mechanisms.

Macrophage Model: Contributing to Our Understanding of Immune Responses and Disease Pathogenesis

Fig.1 Macrophage model activation. (Hao, et al., 2021)Fig.1 M1/M2 model of macrophage activation.1

Macrophage Model Development Services at Creative Biolabs

We offer, but are not limited to, the following macrophage models:

THP-1-based Macrophage Model RAW 264.7-based Macrophage Model U937-based Macrophage Model HL-60-based Macrophage Model KG-1-based Macrophage Model HEL-based Macrophage Model
Creative Biolabs has established a THP-1-based macrophage model service to provide a versatile and accessible platform for macrophage biology research. Creative Biolabs specializes in the development of RAW 264.7-based macrophage models for research purposes, and our scientists and technology platform with expertise in macrophage cell culture and model development. Creative Biolabs develops U937-based macrophage models to provide quality-controlled cell models and characterization services for your biomedical research. Creative Biolabs has developed HL-60-based macrophage models, providing a valuable experimental system for elucidating the biology of macrophages and their role in health and disease. Creative Biolabs develops a macrophage model based on KG-1 cells, which consists of culturing and inducing differentiation into macrophage-like cells. Creative Biolabs, dedicated to exploring the latest developments in the field of macrophages, has launched a HEL-based macrophage model development service.

If you don't see any of the macrophage models you're interested in, feel free to contact our scientists directly for more options!

Developing high-throughput screening assays using macrophage models to evaluate the efficacy and safety of potential therapeutic compounds.

You can choose the service you need based on your specific macrophage project, or directly click on the keyword to learn more!

Advantages of Our Cells

Based on continuous exploration in the field of macrophages, Creative Biolabs' scientists have a deep understanding of macrophages from different sources. Through the discovery of advanced technologies and extensive experience in cell therapy, we bring a comprehensive service offering to your macrophage project, in addition to macrophage models, you can click here to learn more.


  1. Hao, Xiaopei et al. "Targeting immune cells in the tumor microenvironment of HCC: New opportunities and challenges." Frontiers in cell and developmental biology. (2021) 9 775462.
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