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Macrophage cells are critical components of the immune response. Macrophage cell-based delivery systems are a promising field in cell therapy. Creative Biolabs, as an experienced cell therapy CRO, can assist in the engineering of macrophage cells loaded with multiple cargos.


Macrophages are tissue-resident immune cells of the mononuclear phagocyte system, which play a role in both the adaptive and innate immune systems. Tissue Macrophages were either established prior to birth or self-sustaining through bone marrow-derived monocyte recruitment. Macrophage function and phenotype change in response to their microenvironment. They can be transiently polarized into the M1 or M2 phenotypes, with M1 being the classically activated proinflammatory phenotype and M2 being the activated anti-inflammatory type.

Schematic illustration of the construction of ‘Macrophage-NPs’ and their targeting delivery into brain tumor. Fig. 1 Schematic illustration of the construction of ‘Macrophage-NPs’ and their targeting delivery into brain tumor. (Liang, 2016)

Advantages of Macrophage-Mediated Drug Delivery Systems

Because of their inherent properties, macrophages have a high capacity for delivering cargos to solid tumors. They have the ability to cross biological barriers, penetrate deep into tumors, and accumulate in particularly hypoxic and poorly vascularized areas that are difficult to access. Additionally, Macrophage is an excellent therapeutic cell for re-modulating the suppressive tumor microenvironment.

Live macrophages uptake the drugs or nanoparticles by phagocytosis. Drug-carrying macrophages can escape host immune system surveillance, extending the persistence time and half-life of a drug. Furthermore, macrophages have multiple surface receptors that allow for the targeted delivery of various payloads.

Our Capabilities

Our teams are proficient in a wide range of technologies used in macrophage engineering processes. At Creative Biolabs, macrophages act as Trojan horses to deliver cytokines, drugs, and drug-loaded nanoparticles to TME. Alternatively, they are armed with engineered receptors.

We offer primary macrophages and macrophage cell lines:

  • Human PBMC-derived macrophages

  • Human PBMC-derived monocytes

  • Human monocyte-derived macrophages

  • Mouse bone marrow-derived macrophages (BMDM)

  • Mouse bone marrow-derived hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells (HSPCs)

  • RAW264.7(Mouse mononuclear macrophage leukemia cells)

  • Ana-1(Immortalized murine macrophage cell line)

  • J774A.1(Mouse mononuclear macrophages)

  • THP-1(Human acute mononuclear leukemia cells)

  • Rat alveolar macrophages

We provide our clients with the most comprehensive macrophage-mediated delivery system available. Our capabilities including but not limited to:

Cargo Type Specific Cargos Cargo delivery systems
Cytokine IL-12; IL-21; IL-1β; IL-6; IL-23; TNF-α; IFN-α; IFN-γ Lentiviral vector; Adenoviral vector
Checkpoint antibody Anti-CTLA4 antibody; Anti-LAG3 antibody; Anti-TIM3 antibody; Anti-TIGIT antibody; Anti-BTLA antibody
Protein Soluble transforming growth factor beta receptor II( sTGFbRII); FPN1; CYP2B6
Chemo drug Anticancer drugs (PLGA) NPs, Oligomannose-coated liposome, Gold-based NPs, Fe3O4 NPs, SiO2 NPs, PEI-PEG copolymer
Enzyme Catalase
Protein GDNF; Neurturin; VGEF Transfection System
Oncolytic virus HSV1716 Co-culture System

Years of experience in macrophage research allow us to advise clients on the best macrophage products for potent delivery advantage. We provide products tailored to client specifications by combining chemical and cell biology expertise with cutting-edge instrumentation. Please contact us if you want to collaborate with our experts to accelerate your program.


  1. Liang, P.; et al. Exploiting macrophages as targeted carrier to guide nanoparticles into glioma. Oncotarget vol. 7,24 (2016): 37081-37091.

For Research Use Only. Do Not Use in Food Manufacturing or Medical Procedures (Diagnostics or Therapeutics). Do Not Use in Humans.


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