Bone-marrow Macrophage Analysis Service

Bone marrow macrophages originate from circulating monocytes in the bone marrow, which undergo a series of developmental stages to become mature tissue macrophages with specialized functions. Interestingly, macrophages derived from different species exhibit variations in morphology, function, and their ability to recognize antigens. Creative Biolabs offers a comprehensive analysis service to investigate the unique characteristics of bone marrow-derived macrophages from different species and evaluate therapeutics.

Fig.1 Macrophages’ heterogeneity in HSC niches and bone marrow. (Seyfried, Jackson & Katherine, 2020)Fig.1 Heterogeneity of macrophages in HSC niches and bone marrow.1

Bone-marrow Macrophage Analysis Service at Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs' bone-marrow macrophage analysis service platform provides a reliable platform to accelerate the development of your therapeutics. Our service takes advantage of several advanced technologies such as real-time live cell imaging technology to evaluate morphology and surface markers to study bond-marrow macrophage differentiation, chemotaxis, phagocytosis, and efferocytosis, allowing for a better understanding of how bond-marrow macrophages function in health and disease.

Our service is compatible with cell lines and primary cells. We provide plenty of bone marrow-derived macrophage cell lines that originate from various species. If customers want to analyze with primary bone marrow macrophage, we also have the ability to provide a bone-marrow macrophage isolation and culture service to ensure the high quality of the final results. In addition, we also provide an Akt phosphorylation assessment service to evaluate the activation of bone-marrow macrophage. Furthermore, we offer a variety of models to simulate the physiological environment within the body, which is useful for evaluating customers' therapeutics and analyzing the mechanism of bone marrow macrophage function in vivo. Based on our robust macrophage therapeutic platform, our experienced scientists are willing to put more effort into transforming global customers' therapeutics into clinical settings.

Bone Marrow Macrophage Cell Lines Available at Creative Biolabs

Here we list several bone marrow macrophage cell lines derived from distinctive species such as human, murine, rabbit, monkey, etc.:

Advantages of Our Bone Marrow Macrophage Analysis Service

Frequently Asked Question

Q: What benefit do bone marrow macrophages offer?

A: Bone marrow-derived macrophages (BMDM) are specialized immune cells that are derived from bone marrow cells through in vitro differentiation using macrophage colony-stimulating factor (M-CSF or CSF1). These cells are valuable tools in research due to their ability to mimic the behavior and functions of macrophages in the body. They can be easily obtained in large quantities, stored for future use through freezing, and can be sourced from genetically modified mouse strains for specific research purposes. BMDM plays a crucial role in studying immune responses, inflammation, and various disease mechanisms in a controlled laboratory setting.

As a premier provider of cutting-edge tissue-specific macrophage analysis solutions, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to enhancing our technologies and services to support global customers in advancing their therapeutic development. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you're searching for a trustworthy partner who can assist you advance your bone-marrow macrophage analysis service objectives.


  1. Seyfried, Allison N., Jackson M. Maloney, and Katherine C. MacNamara. "Macrophages orchestrate hematopoietic programs and regulate HSC function during inflammatory stress." Frontiers in Immunology 11 (2020): 548463.
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